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Seeking · the · Mind(Altering · Substance).

Tune in, Turn on, Drop out.

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have any of you taken it?

what did you think?

anything like percs or tabs?

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anyone here from salt lake city, or anywhere close?
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just joined. seems like a community i could enjoy;)

I'm Natalie, BTW.
message me, or add me. i need some new friends. i could also use some new communities to join if anyone has any suggestions??:):)

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The University of California San Francisco researchers are recruiting individuals with knowledge of Salvia divinorum or substances containing Salvinorin A for a brief, anonymous web-based survey. No personal identifying information, electronic or otherwise will be collected. The survey takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.  

Information is available at:  




Participant Eligibility:

- 18 years of age or older               

- Have used Salvia divinorum or substances containing Salvinorin A


California Poison Control System                    

UCSF CHR Approved, HIPAA compliant               

CHR approval # H11246-33229-01

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Just swallowed about eight xanaxes, I feel pretty drowsy.I  have been feeling like, things are never gonna end. Hospital? They create a lot of and most of my issues today. I want some mind-blowing experience.I dont know how to channel this apathy i am feeing rigth now/.
I have been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia for about four year, and it's always the same routene- get up, take pills, sleep like its an end to my  problems. Some people dont seem to understand, Whether or not I have come to terms with this mental disorder, and I do live a perfeclty sane and normal life, I just cant get over this- longing, longing to experiene sanity- free from chemcials.

I wrote a few things on drugs-forum about hoow to use psychedelics to opne up your mind, or is is more than that? Am I brainwashing my own self? Through this repetition of taking these drugs every single day of my life. They do seem to  help, but...perhaps its all in my nindd, perhaps i was sane to begin with.

Thank you all for your answers Whydo I feeel so trapped in the constant repetition, bad habits, ect?
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this is a sweet article on vasopressin and its effects in the CNS, referencing to some interesting rodent studies. Check it out!


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sometimes i just gotta give my poor brain a break, ya dig?
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Hey, this is consolance for anyone who's been treated like you're a piece of shit because you take risks by using substances. Intentionally satirical for the hard hearted.

I'm sure possibly everybody you know drives a car or gets driven places in a vehicle. Perhaps they all use the highway. This is very risky, anybody could crash. Mistakes happen, even if you're following the rules. People's lives are destroyed, they are burnt in flames, disfigured and etc...

so listen and tell all your friends...
SAY NO TO DRIVING! EVEN IF YOU WANT TO GET SOMEWHERE! EVEN IF YOU LOVE CRUISING WITH SOME SWEET TUNES PLAYING THROUGH YOUR BOMB SPEAKER SYSTEM! It is never worth the risk. Just one drive could kill you. DON'T DRIVE. You think work is important? You can walk or society can wait. Your life is at risk and you could die driving to work in something called a CAR ACCIDENT.

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