Seeking the Mind(Altering Substance).

Tune in, Turn on, Drop out.

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4ltered_States was created as a place for members of the former community, _altered_states, to come and continue the community as it was before.

For those new to 4ltered_states, this community is for the discussion of illicit drugs.
Drug use; possibly the one thing commonly shared by all societies in all times, of all colors and creeds. It should not be criminalized or discriminated against. Thus, I created this community as a place where questions that were deemed 'inappropriate' in other communities are welcome.

All are welcome; stoners, junkies, e-tards, pill poppers, acidheads, tour kids, cocaine werewolves, curious individuals; whether one snorts, shoots or smokes, or is an addict, casual user, or ex-user.

It is a place for:
- questions (anything goes, mind LJ TOS)
- experiences (trip reports)
- drug-related news
- support (possibly with court or addiction)
- advice and other help.

It is not a place for:
- self-righteousness or intolerance. (especially choice of drug or method of use.)
- discussing where, when, or who to buy drugs from in a specific
way in this forum. Please use another means of communication to
prevent this journal from being deleted.